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The Sandwich Generation

Are you a sandwich carer?

As a carer, the confidence and knowledge that comes with having good first aid training skills to hand will provide, is even more relevant given our aging population.

Skills in understanding mental health, paediatric first aid or conditions which may affect the elderly are highly applicable for the sandwich generation.

The SELECTION of courses we offer you from the Bridge is driven by demand. Demand is governed by a myriad of personal and socioeconomic factors. We acknowledge the booming fitness industry, the changes in Health and Safety legislation, the litigation happy culture we have created. We recognise the need for better flexible Childcare, and now eldercare too. The spiralling pressure on care homes and family's to cater for dementia as well as every day often complex needs that older family members face.

The pressure of looking after children while caring for elderly relatives is taking its toll on all aspects of family life, a Carers UK survey suggests.

Sandwich carers" often have to put their careers on hold to look after children and older relative" 

With increasing pressure of eldercare and individuals to bridge the gaps the care sector can no longer sustain, we offer some convenient and cost effective training courses that support our aging population.

To read more on the sandwich generation and how it may effect you, follow our blog, where we will post real stories and news articles.

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