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Why not add your pet themed business or service to the Bridge Petworking Map. Shown on both our home page and below. We hope to create a fabulous Petworking directory which is kept up to date.

Or just use the map to simply source a local dog walker, sitter, puppy class, and more. You will also find our pet first aid video of the week below. Don't forget to come back next week, these video lessons are updated every Monday.

Pet first aid video of the week. To book a certified classroom or online course please look at our animal first aid courses.

What do adders look like and can they kill?

I stumbled across this Adder sunbathing on one of my morning walks. I was so caught up in filming for you lovely lot I forgot about my curious dog. Apologies for the shouting at the end when I realised Ando was too close and I panicked.

I have created a download on Adder bites, after being confused by mixed messages about what an Adder can do, how they can harm you or your pets and where to get AntIvenom. It was quite a project. Only some A&E departments actually hold the Antivenom. Vets have access to it 24 hrs. a day however it is only available in a few locations.

Further Reading for Adder bites in Humans.

Lactations of Antivenom in the UK and how to access it.

Due to the popularity of our Petworking events and Pet First Aid courses, we have finally set up a dedicated Petworking website where you can access our new Advanced Pet First Aid, Pet Business courses, Petworking events, a credible local pet directory, as well as free resources for pet sitters, dog walkers and much more. If you are setting up a dog walking business, a dog groomers, cat catering, or pony parties; Petworking aims to expand your network, knowledge and skills.

Check out our sister website

Due to the organic expansion of our animal first aid courses we have launched a sister company dedicated to those working in the 'pet' industry. Dedicated Pet and Animal business courses and resources, whether you are just starting on your own or you are already an established organisation.


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Once you have completed your first aid course why not add your details to the Bridge Petworking Map. Or just use the resource for free to find your local dog walker or pet sitter, dog cafe or groomers and so much more.

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