Simple skills save lives

Our story... Just in case you wondered

The Bridge First aid was set up by Jenny white. After working in HR and recruitment and latterly the NHS, acknowledgement of gaps, simple skill sets, such as first aid, that really anyone can learn, was becoming patiently obvious. These gaps increasingly appearing both in the corporate world and the wider society lead her to create a catalog of credible, affordable and accessible training courses.

Changes in technology and culture are also considered, for example the affordability and hence increasing numbers of defibrillators on hand in general, be it on aircraft, the boardroom, the squash court, school, high street and supermarket, means teaching everyone to safely use these can dramatically impact survival rates. These are our loved ones. The added benefit of understanding the biological bases of a heart attack and cardiac arrest.

All the courses that are available at The Bridge First aid have a common theme, and that is to impart confidence to make functional choices when it matters. This empowers learners and really goes a long way towards bridging the gaps.

More recently fear has driven demand as we live in an uncertain world. Simple skills really can save lives.  

The Bridge first aid caters for both employees, employers, and families, acknowledging the subtle differences between these groups, offering both First Aid and associated skill sets that each group requires.

Our favorite mantras include

“Functional not perfect, perfect doesn't exist”

“Your voice is your most powerful tool” (Please read Jenny's recently published article "Your Voice" )

“Just do something”

Founder - Jenny White

Jenny qualified as a first aid trainer in 2010 whist running a busy Recruitment desk. Candidates where often frustrated with the lack of flexible and affordable first aid training. Jenny had always been a first aider and St Johns Ambulance volunteer, and teaching was a gift that seems to come quite naturally to her. Jenny set up The Bridge First Aid in 2014 and has continued to expand the business to meet demands.

“I have always enjoyed customer facing work and have evolved my career to fit around the care of my children. First and foremost I am a mother and I know how valuable flexibility is in work and training.

It is the RIPPLES from my final year dissertation that has partly shaped the direction and course list for the Bridge First aid. My hypothesis analysed a shift towards an aging population. “The Demographic time bomb” and how the economy would manage with less working taxpayers and an extended life expectancy. How would this affect businesses, families and the broader society?

Since then I’ve always had a slightly quirky curiosity towards the topic. It is our responsibility as individuals, Parents and Employers to obtain appropriate skills to accommodate the change in demographics. I am passionate about making these simple skills accessible.

The care sector is BOWING UNDER the weight of an aging population and decline of traditional extended family units. Your pizza arrives quicker than the ambulance, and if your pet has a serious injury often ‘you’ are the ambulance.

We are a nation of runners and cyclists, pet lovers, and conscientious community groups. We are sold on ‘clean eating’ yet there is an endemic of type 2 diabetes, and heart disease (which is preventable.) We are now the sandwich care generation, working and raising a family and often caring for elder relatives too, and I’m not just talking about fixing parents, grandparents or even great grandparent wifi. Although some large multi nationals and financial institutions currently support employers with emergency childcare provision, instead of negotiating a company car, we may soon request elder care in our remuneration package.

"Childcarers and eldercarers as well as businesses, gyms, community groups, pet owners, and you, invest in skills to bridge the gap.”

"Your Voice" written by Jenny White, Published March 2017 Click on the image below to read the full article.

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