Simple skills save lives

The Bridge First Aid

The SELECTION of courses we offer you from The Bridge is driven by demand. Demand is driven by personal and socioeconomic factors. We acknowledge the booming fitness industry, the changes in Health and Safety legislation. The spiralling pressure on the State and families and a duty of care we have for our employees and neighbours alike means that having simple skills such as first aid are vital.

The Bridge First Aid was set up by Jenny White. After working in HR and Recruitment and more recently the NHS, the lack of simple skill sets such as first aid was becoming apparent to Jenny and these gaps increasingly appeared both in the corporate world and wider society. This lead her to create a portfolio of credible, affordable and accessible training courses.

 Jenny qualified as a first aid trainer in 2010 whist running a busy Recruitment desk. Candidates were often frustrated with the lack of flexible and affordable first aid training. Jenny had always been a first aider and St John's Ambulance volunteer, and teaching was a gift that seems to come quite naturally to her. Jenny set up The Bridge First Aid in 2014 and has continued to expand the business to meet demands.

“I have always enjoyed customer facing work and have evolved my career to fit around the care of my children. First and foremost I am a mother and I know how valuable flexibility is in work and training"


"Your Voice" written by Jenny White, Published March 2017 Click on the image below to read the full article.

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