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We don't just do First Aid, many of our courses have evolved through listening to our clients needs. 
Does anyone ever read this bit? …. That’s right, we deliver First Aid Training. Weather you have a duty of care as an employer, or an obligation to society, your family or customers to gain first aid skills. Your niche is our priority. Flexible and affordable solutions in house, online or classroom based. We also offer relevant non first aid courses that may complement your needs. We are receptive to our client’s demands, evolving the services we offer, we accommodate your personal requirements and schedule. 

All our trainers are lovingly hand-picked and passionate about their cause. First Aid Training doesn't need to be clinical and bland. It needs to be functional. Ask any of our classroom students "what makes your heart beat?" and  "What is a heart attack?". The younger students have quite rightly informed us that "attack" should be replaced with words like blockage, starve, suffocate or glitch is the latest.  

The Bridge first aid is also a ProTrainings approved Centre, which ensures that all courses meet the recommendations and guidelines set out by the HSE, the UK Resuscitation Council and the ERC.

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