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Regulated First Aid Training

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  • First Aid at Work Courses

    First Aid at Work Courses

    Ensure your organisation complies with Health & Safety (First aid) regulations.Training courses in Cambridge. FAW training courses delivered to larger organisations on site throughout Cambridgeshire, London and the home counties.

  • Paediatric Courses

    Paediatric Courses

    Teachers, Nannies, Childminders, EYFS 12 hour PFA, EPFA Parents paediatric First Aid training courses. Cambridge, Cambourne, Comberton, Melbourn, Shelford, Royston, Huntingdon & Free family first aid courses throughout Cambridgeshire. 

  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    Health and Safety regulations, risk assessing employer/employee responsibilities. Cut the s*1t, not the most riveting topic, but needs must and we aim to make it palatable and relevant. On line or in house Cambridgeshire, London and home counties.

  • Animal First Aid Courses

    Animal First Aid Courses

    Our 5 star rated Pet and Canine courses, yes real testimonials from actual Dog Walkers, Pet sitters and Pet peeps. Cat, Equine and NASDU Security Dog First Aid courses. Promote recovery before professional help is given by your vet. Pet network (Petworking) facility. Animal First aid courses Cambridge. Cambridgshire and surrounds.

  • Sports First Aid Courses

    Sports First Aid Courses

    You work within the fitness industry or prefer a course for a specific sport. From basic general active pursuits to bespoke and in-depth discipline specific choices available. The FA Emergency Aid Bridging Document accepted courses also available. Sports first aid Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and surrounds.

  • Care Industry Courses

    Care Industry Courses

    You work in the care sector and wish to expand your employment skills. You're Assisting and Caring for People with Dementia. Perhaps you're one of of the UKs 2.5 million 'sandwich generation' - those with dual care responsibilities who juggle care for older relatives and young children. On line or in house Cambridgeshire.

  •  AED & Basic Life Support Courses

    AED & Basic Life Support Courses

    Automated External Defibrillator. "You" can increase the chances of survival to someone in cardiac arrest. Learning AED and BLS (Basic Life Support) Vital with the increase in numbers of units in the community and workplace. Cambridgshire. 

  • Vocational Training Courses

    Vocational Training Courses

    Find your vocation specific course here. Dentists, hairdressers, tattoo artists, lone workers and more. Conveniently tailored individual industry skills. If it wasn't slang we might say just "nail it". Online, in house and Classroom courses Cambridge, Cambourne, Royston, Huntingdon, St Ives. Ely. Newmarket.

  • Pick n Mix

    Pick n Mix

    Your risk assessment or learning goals cover a multitude of needs. No problem. Why not pick n mix. The Bridge also delivers to your request for appropriate cover ultimately saving you time and money. Babysitting, Diabetes Awareness, Auto Injector courses. On line and Classroom courses Cambridgeshire.

First aid at work calculator

What first-aid personnel do you need? Cambridgeshire, London and Home Counties.

Use our simple interactive tool to decifer your organisations first aid personel requirements or request a free Health & Saftey guide. Cambridgeshire, London and Home Counties.


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From your risk assessment, what degree of hazard is associated with your work activities?

Eg: Offices, shops, libraries


Eg: Light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture

How many employees do you have?

What first-aid personnel do you need?

At least 1 appointed person

At least 1 EFAW trained first-aider

At least 1 FAW trained first-aider for every 100 employed (or part thereof)

At least 1 appointed person

At least 1 EFAW or FAW trained first-aider, depending on the type of injuries that may occur

At least 1 FAW trained first-aider for every 50 employed (or part thereof)


Once you have completed your First Aid course why not add your details to the Bridge Petworking Map. Or just use the resource for free to find your local dog walker or pet sitter perhaps?!

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Once you have completed your first aid course why not add your details to the Bridge Petworking Map. Or just use the resource for free to find your local dog walker or pet sitter, dog cafe or groomers and so much more.

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